Everybody has a tree.


A small incident can transform the road we were travelling on. Our signposts and even the tarmac under our tires disappear. Our goals are no longer clear, our very intentions become unreadable. Without warning our life has become unchartered territory – even

Photo taken near Frankston Victoria

the mainland is out of sight and what was ordinary is now scary. We could be in the middle of the sea. Without a road to walk on – how can you go anywhere? how can you grow? Before you stop drinking wine forever or force your body into impossible yoga positions, sometimes a word of magic is enough.

You are a tree,

my friend Emmanuel said to me. Stay. Wait. Something will happen. Plant your roots.

I suddenly knew without a doubt that he was right. My tree may not be visible, it had as yet no Australian leaves or Australian fruit. It had no name. But it was there nevertheless. Growing as I breathed. I had faith in my tree.

One Response to “Everybody has a tree.”

  1. emmanuel Says:

    beautiful wide open tree

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